What we Do - Martin Sinkoff Associates
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What we Do

We offer a varied menu of services to ensure success. Clients have the flexibility to select from this menu to suit their individual needs, with a fee adapted to the particular services they require.


  • Representation of your brand at key tastings for consumers and trade.
  • Communication as brand ambassador to your importers, wholesalers and retailers.
  • Coordination of all Press Relations including selection of the PR agency best suited to represent your brands.
  • Coordination of all advertising (print, on-line, window display, other outdoor) with our agency partners.

Market Research

Execution of consumer focus panels as needed.


Research market statistics relevant to your brands.

  • Price points.
  • Volumes in categories related to your brands.
  • Overall market evolution relevant to your brands.
  • Engage Store-check in key markets for your brands.¬†We can hire this service.

Event Planning and coordination

  • Market visits for winery executives including all travel arrangements, contact with key retail and wholesale buyers and coordination with your importer.
  • Lectures for consumer and trade groups.
  • Staff training for wholesalers.
  • Executive coaching for winery and distribution executives.