What we Do beta - Martin Sinkoff Associates
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What we Do beta

We offer a varied menu of services to ensure success. Clients have the flexibility to select from this menu to suit their individual needs, with a fee adapted to the particular services they require.

Our Standard Package – what we do for most clients

  • Detailed assessment of your brand, its identity, and its position on the US market (if already present in the US).
  • SWOT – the classical evaluation of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (an essential exercise).
  • Discussion of the US market and the performance of your brand/category.
  • Appraisal of your product line in terms of taste profile & packaging.
  • Summary of retail pricing for your products (if sold in US) & comparison with leading competitors.
  • Review of press commentary & ratings of your brand & products.
  • Investigation of distribution options: national vs. regional importers and/or individual wholesalers by state.
  • At the conclusion, we will present you with a DOSSIER in two parts:
  • Detailed summary of our analysis & action plan
    Curated list of importers/wholesalers and their contact details

Brand Development – we have experience in all these aspects

  • Elaboration of a new brand from vineyard to bottle to marketplace.
  • Brand positioning to suit your business objectives.
  • Identification of the product line (types, subsegments, number).
  • Definition of wine styles & quality at specified price points.
  • Determination of a brand name.
  • Management of trade & consumer focus groups to test key elements utilizing specialized agencies and/or MSA resources.
  • Trademark registrations using specialized attorneys.
  • Packaging design (labeling, bottles, closures, shipping cartons) via international design studios or directly with manufacturers.
  • Development of trade & consumer presentation materials.
  • Development of a website in terms of content & themes utilizing web design agencies.
  • OR a more limited redrafting of an existing brand such as refreshing current packaging or redefining product selection to address shortcomings or adapt to a changing market.

Promotion & Training

  • Identify & recommend a brand ambassador to represent your products in the U.S.
  • Represent your brand at key tastings for consumers and trade on specific terms to be negotiated and quoted separately.
  • Act as trainer for your brand to provide knowledge and direction to the sales staff of your importers and wholesalers.
  • Act as educator/spokesperson to lead seminars/tastings for consumer audiences.
  • Recommend a Public Relations agency suited to your brand and needs to handle press outreach, market visits.

Market Research

Execution of consumer focus panels as needed.


Research market statistics relevant to your brands.

  • Price points.
  • Volumes in categories related to your brands.
  • Overall market evolution relevant to your brands.
  • Engage Store-check in key markets for your brands. We can hire this service.

Event Planning and coordination

  • Market visits for winery executives including all travel arrangements, contact with key retail and wholesale buyers and coordination with your importer.
  • Lectures for consumer and trade groups.
  • Staff training for wholesalers.
  • Executive coaching for winery and distribution executives.