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Podcasts, Live Interviews and Presentations

Commanderie de Bordeaux Right Bank Bordeaux – Roger Bohmrich MW

“Get Ready for the U.S. Wine Market” – Martin Sinkoff and Roger Bohmrich MW with Steve Raye

“On the Wine Trail in Italy” – Martin Sinkoff with Alfonso Cevola

2015 and 2016 Bordeaux vintages – Roger Bohmrich MW

2009 and 2010 Bordeaux vintages – Roger Bohmrich MW

“One Bottle Podcast” – Martin Sinkoff with Jamie Sellouk

“Wine with Wanda” – Martin Sinkoff with Wanda Mann

Chablis & Friends: A Blind Comparison of Unoaked Chardonnay – Roger Bohmrich MW

The Crystalline Beauty of Riesling – A Comparison of Global Styles – Roger Bohmrich MW

Minerality: Examining Challenging and Tasting its Meaning – Roger Bohmrich MW


Tabor Winery – Martin Sinkoff

Gali Feigin and Yael Lev Avidor – Martin Sinkoff

Guy Haran – Martin Sinkoff

Covenant Winery – Martin Sinkoff

Dalton Winery – Martin Sinkoff

Paradigm Shift : Climate, Terroir & Wines of the Future – Roger Bohmrich MW

Does a Warming Climate Mean Better Wine? – Roger Bohmrich MW

Bonnet-Huteau Muscadet 2020 – Martin Sinkoff

Verget Macon Villages “Grand Elevage” 2019 – Martin Sinkoff

Itay Lahat Adom 2019 – Martin Sinkoff

Ostal Cazes Rose 2020 – Martin Sinkoff

Chateau Senejac 2016 – Martin Sinkoff

Sphera “First Page” 2020 – Martin Sinkoff

Flam Classico 2019 – Martin Sinkoff

Florian Mollet Sauvignon Blanc 2019 – Martin Sinkoff

Blason d’Aussieres 2018 – Martin Sinkoff

Rose du Castel (Domaine) 2020 – Martin Sinkoff

Tzora “Judean Hills” red 2019 – Martin Sinkoff

Dalton “Knaan/Canaan” 2019 red – Martin Sinkoff

Frescobaldi “Remole” 2019 white – Martin Sinkoff

La Vieille Ferme 2019 – Martin Sinkoff

Oak & Wine: All About Barrels – Roger Bohmrich MW

Unfined, Unfiltered: Does it Matter? – Roger Bohmrich MW

What exactly is minerality – Roger Bohmrich MW

The question of ripeness – Roger Bohmrich MW

The puzzling story of premox – Roger Bohmrich MW

Natural wine – Roger Bohmrich MW

Unraveling the tangled web of terroir – Roger Bohmrich MW