Our History - Martin Sinkoff Associates
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Our History

Our History

Martin Sinkoff Wines, Inc. the parent company of Martin Sinkoff Associates was founded in 1996 as an importer and marketer of French wines and spirits.

The company successfully developed many French brands for a diverse group of producers including Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, Reserve St. Martin, Le Jaja de Jau, Cuvee Mythique, Les Deux Rives and Belle de Brillet Liqueur.

The company grew to $12 million in sales in five years, employed 10 full time administrative and sales staff and operated in all 50 states.

In 2001, after a successful sale of its brands to Pasternak Wine Imports, Martin Sinkoff Wines, Inc. began a transition to business development services and was retained by Pasternak, until 2005, to develop its brand portfolio and improve its marketing. This collaboration helped Pasternak grow almost 50% in fewer than five years.

In 2006, Martin Sinkoff was engaged by William Grant and Sons to analyze and develop its remaining wine brands and negotiate the separation of key agency brands.

During the summer of 2008, Martin Sinkoff met Richard Cacciato, president, Frederick Wildman and Sons, and was recruited to help Wildman build a new, start-up fine wine division.

In December of 2018, Martin Sinkoff left Frederick Wildman to start an international consulting bureau, Martin Sinkoff Associates, with offices in New York and Tel Aviv.  Martin Sinkoff Associates is engaged in helping wineries, producers, importers and distributors improve their position in the market.  Additionally, Martin Sinkoff Associates is engaged in promoting oenotourism in Israel, the United States and France.