Who we are - Martin Sinkoff Associates
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Who we are

Welcome to Martin Sinkoff Associates

Business Development for the Wine and Spirits Industry

Our Services

Martin Sinkoff Associates is a business development group providing practical and effective solutions to sales and marketing problems faced by wine and spirit companies. We are a team of seasoned professionals with a high level of expertise in the U.S., which is now the world’s largest consumer of wine:


Martin Sinkoff and Roger C. Bohmrich MW.

Our Strategies

We design and implement custom marketing strategies that deliver measurable and sustainable results. We answer two common questions:


“How do I identify and evaluate suitable importers and wholesalers for my products?”


“How do I increase the volume and value of my products in the complex and highly competitive U.S. market?”

Our Experience

We have over sixty years of combined experience selling and marketing wines and spirits in the U.S. market with a proven record of success. We know how to penetrate the U.S. market. We are fluent in French and Spanish and have the ability to provide statistical, market and financial analysis.